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Yoga Pradipika

The Online Resource of Yoga Philosophy

Thanks for visiting the official site of YogaPradipika. This platform offers a unique journey through entertaining and engaging great content, which is always growing and changing.


Start browsing yoga philosophies including Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and other scriptures, and Practices of Yoga Poses, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudras and Bandhas. You can find reviews on yoga materials and courses too.


There exists no virtuosity higher than yoga.

There exists no holiness holier than yoga.


There exists no subtlety subtler than yoga. 


There exists nothing greater than yoga.


- Yoga Sikha Upanishad

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Yoga is everybody's choice today. Yoga is both philosophy and practice. The philosophical aspect of yoga is often overlooked. We give you the philosophical foundation you need for any yoga practice whether it is meant for fitness or for spirituality. Here you find all yoga scriptures explained with original texts, translations, commentaries, and transliterations. 


On the conceptual front, all kinds of yoga are expounded under the heads of Raja yoga, Hatha yoga, Laya yoga, Japa Yoga, and Kundalini yoga.


On the practical aspect, the step by step instruction of all major yoga or meditation techniques is given with DIY videos and images wherever necessary.


If you are an author, you can post articles on yoga, dhyana, and spirituality in the blog section of this website. If you are a researcher on therapeutic yoga, you are most welcome to publish your papers here on our blog. 


If you have any doubt, question, suggestion regarding any aspect of yoga, you may go for a new thread in our forum section. For any questions and suggestions regarding the Yogapradipika, feel free to submit them through Contact us page. 


We hope you enjoy this website which is a great place whether you are a learner, newbie or an adept.


This website is created with the sole motive to guide the practitioner or teacher from the simplest of techniques to the most advanced one with philosophical as well as the practical background.


Thank you, Yoga lover, for reaching us. 



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