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Yoga Sutra

Samadhi Pada

Sutra 1.25
तत्र निरतिशयं सर्वज्ञबीजम्
tatra niratiśayaṁ sarvajña-bījam

In God, the seed of omniscience is at unsurpassable level. 

tatra = in that (special Being)
niratiśayaṁ = unsurpassed, ever superior
sarvajña= all knowing, omniscience
bījam = seed

For ordinary beings, knowledge is limited to the extent of the perception of senses. If the seed of all-knowing or omniscience begins developing in them, they start to perceive things beyond senses. Hence the omniscience includes both the knowledge perceived by the senses as well as the knowledge perceived beyond senses. It is said that the seed of omniscience of the yogi is growing stage by stage.


For the Special Being or God, the seed of omniscience is at the maximum grown level. The existence of seed assumes mind-stuff. It is said that God assumes mind-stuff for the gratification of other beings through compassion.

This Sutra can also be interpreted as: God is the source of all knowledge which cannot be surpassed.

Commentary by Maharishi Vyasha

In Him, the highest limit of the seed of omniscience

The seed of omniscience is the cognition of the degree of perception of sensory objects, past, present and future, jointly and severally. When the seed grows to the utmost extent, the person will become omniscient. The seed grows at a progressive rate because of its varying dimensions. When the growth reaches its maximum, the person will become omniscient. This is only the general idea and does not relate to a particular being. Attributing it to a specific being, the scriptures should be referred.


God has no selfish motive because there is no need for self-gratification but still has motives through compassion towards the creatures. The declaration: "By instruction in knowledge and virtue, I will lift up those who are whirled in the vortex of existence periodically and at the time of great dissolution." Likewise, it is declared: "The first knower, the exalted and supreme sage, taught this doctrine to Asuri, assuming a created mind-stuff through compassion."


Commentary by Swami Vivekananda

In Him becomes infinite that all-knowing-ness which in others is (only) a germ

The mind must always travel between two extremes. You can think of limited space, but the very idea of that gives you also unlimited space. Close your eyes and think of a little space, and at the same time that you perceive the little circle, you have a circle round it of unlimited dimensions. It is the same with time. Try to think of a second, you will have, with the same act of perception, to think of time which is unlimited. So with knowledge. Knowledge is only a germ in man, but you will have to think of infinite knowledge around it, so that the very nature of your constitution shows us that there is unlimited knowledge, and the Yogis call that unlimited knowledge God.

Commentary by Sri Osho



You are the seed, and God is the manifestation. You are the seed and God is the actuality. You are the potential; he is the actual. God is your destiny, and you are carrying your destiny for many lives without looking at it, because your eyes are fixed somewhere in the future. They don’t look to the present. Herenow, everything is as it should be if you are ready to look. Nothing is needed; no doing is needed. Existence is perfect every single moment. It has never been imperfect; it cannot be. If it were imperfect, then how it will become perfect? Who will make it perfect then?

Existence is perfect; nothing at all is needed to be done. If you understand this then surrender is enough. No effort, no pranayama, no bhastrika, no shirshasana, no yoga postures, no meditation, nothing, if you understand this – that existence is perfect as it is. Look in, look out: everything is so perfect that nothing can be done except celebration. A man who surrenders starts celebrating.

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