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Yoga Sutra

Samadhi Pada

Sutra 1.36

विशोका वा ज्योतिष्मती ॥३६॥ 
viśokā vā jyotiṣmatī ॥36॥

Also by the sorrowless and luminous state of the mind.

viśokā= devoid of sorrow, pain
= also
jyotiṣmatī = luminosity of the mind

Stability of the mind is attained by the undistressed and radiant state of the mind. How to attain these states? It is said by the Yogis that it can be attained by the meditation upon the self. By the meditation upon the lotus of the heart.

Commentary by Maharishi Vyasha

Or undistressed and luminous (sense activity that brings the mind to the stability) 

(It is known from earlier sutra that) A sense activity when arises brings the mind to the relation of stability. This is the consciousness of the mind fixing its attention upon the lotus of the heart. The sattva of the mind become radiant like the sky. The skill in keeping the mind stable in this lotus makes the mind radiant like the sun, moon, planets, or gems. The mind will become pacified, waveless like a deep ocean, peaceful, infinite and nought inside. Regarding this, it has been said: "Pondering upon this self that is an atom, one is conscious to the extent to say " I am". Hence this undistressed activity has two parts. One is that it connects to the object and the second one is the self-consciousness and the feeling the nought inside which is luminous, by means of which the mind attains the state of stability.


Commentary by Swami Vivekananda

Or (by the meditation on) the Effulgent One which is beyond all sorrow.

This is another sort of concentration. Think of the lotus of the heart, with petals downwards, and running through it the Sushumna; take in the breath, and while throwing the breath out imagine that the lotus is turned with the petals upwards, and inside that lotus is an effulgent light. Meditate on that.

Commentary by Sri Osho


This can be done only when you have attained a certain quality Of perceptivity. Then you can close the eyes and you can find a flame – a beautiful flame near the heart, a blue light. But right now you cannot see it. It is there, it has been always there. When you die, that blue light goes out of your body. But you cannot see it because when you were alive you couldn’t see it.

And others will also be not able to see it, that something is going out; but Kirlian in Soviet Russia, he has taken photographs with very sensitive films. When a person dies, something happens around. Some body-energy, some light-like thing, leaves, goes and disappears into the cosmos. That light is always there: that is your center of being. It is near the heart – with a blue flame.

When you have some perception, you can see the beautiful world all around you – when your eyes are clear. You close them and you move nearer the heart; you try to find what is there. First, you will feel darkness. It is just like as you come from the outside on a hot sunny day inside the room, and you feel everything is dark. But wait Let the eyes be attuned with the darkness, and soon you start seeing things in the house.

You have been outside for millions of lives. When for the first time you come in, nothing is there except darkness, emptiness. But wait It will take few days – even few months, but just wait, close the eyes and look down in the heart. Suddenly, one day it happens: you see a light, a flame. Then concentrate on that flame.

Nothing is more blissful than that. Nothing is more dancing, singing, musical, harmonious like that inner blue light within your heart. And the more you concentrate, the more you become tranquil, silent, calm, collected. then there is no darkness for you. When your heart is filled with light, the whole universe is filled with light.

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