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Yoga Sutra

Samadhi Pada

Sutra 1.35

विषयवती वा प्रवृत्तिरुत्पन्ना मनसः स्थितिनिबन्धिनी॥३५॥
viṣayavatī vā pravr̥tti-rutpannā manasaḥ sthiti nibandhinī 

By fixing the mind on a single modification generated by the sensory objects also, the fastness of mind (is attained).

viṣayavatī= impressions stimulated by                                objects
= also
pravr̥tti  = modifications
utpannā = generate
manasaḥ = mental
sthiti = stability
nibandhinī  = fastness, the state of                                  being fixed/bound

This Sutra is interpreted in more than one way. 


To get the mind pacified, yet another method is prescribed.


There cannot be two simultaneous thoughts in the mind. In other words, there cannot be more than one modification at a time. The impressions stimulated by the objects of sensory organs are the source of modifications of the mind. If the mind is fixed on one such modification, it is pacified. If the mind is limited to a single modification for a very long time, the fastness of the mind is achieved. It is the principle behind the technique Tratak. The gazing upon the flame, empty sky, moon, sun, the image of a deity, the tip of the nose and the like are the examples.

Commentary by Maharishi Vyasha

The cognition of a single object leads to the stablity of the mind.

One who concentrates on the tip of the nose experiences a supernormal smell. The concentration on the tip of the tongue gives supernormal taste. On the palate, supernormal colour. The concentration on the middle of the tongue, the consciousness of touch. On the root of the tongue, the consciousness of sound. These sensory activities or cognition lead the mind to stability. By clearing the doubt, it leads to concentrated insight. The cognition of Sun, Moon, planets, gems, lamp and the like, will be regarded as being connected to the object.


All doctrines that are imparted by the science, inference and instructions by masters are always true. If any part of it is not amenable to the mind, the whole principle will be in question. It will disturb the steadiness of the mind. To strengthen the scientific, inferential and tutorial doctrines, one must take a portion of it for direct perception. Once perceived, he will be satisfied with even the subtlest part of the doctrine. Only for the purpose, the purification of mind is given.


When the results of the portion of the doctrine perceived are not in line with the science, inference and instructions of the master, the capacity of the mind to perceive various objects is produced. It will result in faith, energy, mindfulness and concentration.


Commentary by Swami Vivekananda

Those forms of concentration that bring extraordinary sense perceptions cause perseverance of the mind.

This naturally comes with Dharana, concentration; the Yogis say, if the mind becomes concentrated on the tip of the nose one begins to smell, after a few days, wonderful perfumes. If it becomes concentrated at the root of the tongue one begins to here sounds; if on the tip of the tongue one begins to taste wonderful flavours; if on the middle of the tongue, one feels as if he were coming in contact with something. If one concentrates his mind on the palate he begins to see peculiar things. If a man whose mind is disturbed wants to take up some of these practices of Yoga, yet doubts the truth of them, he will have his doubts set at rest, when, after a little practice, these things come to him, and he will persevere.

Commentary by Sri Osho


If you work out your breathing pattern, and you find the secret keys how to change the climate of the mind how to change the moods... And if you work from both the poles, that will be better. And try to be friendly towards happy, indifferent towards the evil, and continue the change and transformation of your breathing patterns also. Then there will be extraordinary sense perceptions.

If you have taken LSD, marijuana, hashish, then you know extraordinary sense perceptions happen. You look ordinary things, and they become extraordinary. Aldous Huxley remembers that when he took for the first time LSD he was sitting before an ordinary chair, and when he became more and more deep with the drug, when he was on, the chair immediately started changing color. Radiant it became: an ordinary chair – he had never paid any attention to it – became so beautiful, many colors coming out of it, as if it is made of diamonds. Such beautiful shapes and nuances that he couldn’t believe his eyes, what is happening. Later on he remembered this must have happened to Van Gogh, because he has painted a chair almost exactly the same.

A poet need not take LSD. He has an inbuilt system of throwing LSD in the body. That is the difference between a poet and an ordinary man. That’s why they say a poet is born, not made: because he has an extra-ordinary body structure. The chemicals in his body have a different quantity and quality to them. That’s why where you don’t see anything he sees miracles. You see an ordinary tree, and he sees something unbelievable. You see ordinary clouds: a poet, if he is really a poet, never sees anything ordinary; everything is extra-ordinarily beautiful.

The same happens to a yOgi: because when you change your breathing and your attitudes, your body chemistry changes its pattern; you are going through a chemical transformation, and then your eyes become clear, a new perceptivity happens. The old same tree becomes absolutely new. You never knew the shade of its green: it becomes radiant. The whole world all around you takes a new shape. It is a paradise now – not the ordinary old rotten earth.

People around you are no more the same. Your ordinary wife becomes a most beautiful woman. Everything changes with your clarity of perception. When your eyes change, everything changes. 


Says Patanjali,



Then you become confident that you are on the right path. The world is becoming more and more beautiful the ugliness is disappearing. The world is becoming more and more a harmony; the discord is disappearing. The world iS becoming more and more home, you are feeling more and more at ease in it. It is friendly. It is a love affair with you and the universe. You become more confident, and more perseverance comes to your effort.

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