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Yoga Sutra

Samadhi Pada

Sutra 1.29
ततः प्रत्यक्चेतनाधिगमोऽप्यन्तरायाभावश्च
tataḥ pratyak-cetana-adhigamo-‘py-antarāya-abhavaś-ca

By this, samadhi is reached and obstacles are cleared too.

tata = by this
pratyak= individual
cetana = consciousness
adhigama= reaching
api = also 
ca = too

By the repetition and the meditation of Pranava, Samadhi is reached and obstacles are cleared. 

Commentary by Maharishi Vyasha

Thereafter the knowledge of Purusha comes who thinks in an inverse way and the removal of obstacles

All the obstacles like disease and the rest are removed by the devotion of Isvara and then comes the sight of his own Purusa. He has the right knowledge that the Purusa is Isvara who is neither desecrated nor disturbed and is isolated and exempt from accidents. He is the Self-consciousness of thinking substance. (Note: inverse thinking or reverse perception is the making the subject of thinking (Purusa) as the object).

Commentary by Swami Vivekananda

From that is gain (the knowledge of) introspection, and the destruction of obstacles.

The first manifestation of this repetition and thinking of Om will be that the introspective power will be manifested more and more, and all the mental and physical obstacles will begin to vanish. What are the obstacles to the Yogi?

Commentary by Sri Osho


The new consciousness is the fourth – the super-consciousness. But remember, only repetition is not good. Repetition is just to help to meditate. Repetition creates the object, the most subtle object is the sound of AUM. And if you can be aware of the most subtle, your awareness also becomes subtle.

When you watch a gross thing, your awareness is gross. When you watch a sexual body, your awareness becomes sexual. When you watch something – an object of greed – your awareness becomes greed. Whatsoever you watch, you become. The observer becomes the observed: remember this.

Krishnamurti insists again and again the observer becomes the observed. Whatsoever you observe, you become. So if you observe the sound of AUM, which is the deepest sound, the deepest music, the sound without sound, the sound which is uncreated – anahat, the sound which is just the nature of existence, if you become aware of it, you become that – you become a universal sound. The both, subject and object, meet and merge and become one. That is the superconscious where object and subject have dissolved, where the knower and the known are no more. Only one remains; the object
and subject are bridged. This oneness is yoga.

The word yoga comes from the root yuj. It means meeting, combining together. It happens when subject and object are yoked together. The English word yoke also comes from yuj, the same root from where yoga comes. When subject and object are yoked together, sewed together so that they are no more separate, bridged, the gap disappears. You attain to a super-consciousness.

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